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"Ping us, We are at your service."
                                                            -Lahure Sahila

IT, ICT & IoT Consulting, Development & Services


Lahure Sahila Trading Private Limited is the Company who deals with ICT (Information Communication Technology), IT (Information Technology) or IoT (Internet of Things). It has got online store which is and website is Our Company mainly deals with Information communication technology or Information technology devices, design and services. We import items for ICT or IT along with all electronic items, garments, furniture and export the Nepali handicrafts We also make customize t-shirt (Print on most of the fabric by using laser heat press technology). We also print on bags, mug, pen key ring, mobile cover, or most of the things which we use in our daily life. We do the branding work for any organization according to their need. We deal with handicraft, some boutique items and flooring. We provided the services to individual as well as any enterprises who are looking for one roof solution. It could be interior design, exterior design, ICT or IT or any infrastructure works for the offices. The enterprises who are thinking of making new offices or planning to make some changes on it. We give one roof solution for that.

Our Vision

Our company is having many visions. From those many visions we are really working hard to full fill those vision. We will be posting our vision for the customers in site on the base of the development which going on by our team.

Our Objective

Our company main objective is to make our customers happy. We would like to see our customers smile always. Our main target is our customers and we will be working on way so that they feel happy after getting services from our team.

Our Mission

Our mission is to give services to the customers without any hassles. Our main aim is to give one roof solution for the costumers specially in the field of technology, infrastructure and design etc. We are also working on some of the application which helps to the people to make their daily life easy depending on their requirement. Our main mission is to make our customer happy always. Our team are passionate to give full services to the customers in our field.

Our Services

Our Services


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