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Nepali Handicraft

Nepal is very rich country when it comes to culture, tradition and arts. There are so many forms of art which represents our country all over the world. Nepali handicraft is one of the most popular forms of art which is promoting our country and its culture all over the world. People are interested to buy handicraft product because of its high quality and authenticity.

For the past 20-30 years, export of handicrafts has been growing. The development of handicraft helps the conservation of national heritage and culture of country; which in return contributes to appease poverty by creating job opportunities. It has also been prime source of foreign currency required for the importance of necessities. Many entrepreneurs locally and internationally are emerging in this sector to make international trade.

Some of handicraft’s products which we willing be dealing are:

  • Pashmina

  • Khukuri

  • Hand-woven Nepali Dhaka

  • Handmade Nepali statues

  • Nepali Clay Products

  • Nepali Jewelry

  • Handmade Nepali paper product

  • Tibetan singing Bowls, etc,.


We in our company, now at present plan to deal with the products made in rural areas of our country as to promote them. Later, we will be dealing with the new product which are available in our market.


The art of wood carving has been the pride of Nepal for so many centuries. Woodworks has been part of traditional architecture of Nepal and wood carvings have graced monasteries, temples, palaces and residential homes since the twelfth century. Wood has been an integral part of the Nepalese tradition, culture and architecture for so many years. We can see great art of woodwork at Kathmandu, Lalitpur and Bhaktapur. The wood works has been very popular and important in our country because of its history and quality. The production of wood carving is widely spreading among individuals and households.

Woodworks quality wood carving craftmanship of Kathmandu valley and other different part of Nepal are reflected in variety of unique products like figure of God and goddesses, windows and doors mythological figures, frame chest boxes home decors and many others. Wooden carving is a craft that has been transferred as potential skill from father to son with no formal training, for generations. To become a perfect for this art, new generation trained for at least 10 years or more. It is amazing that using such a simple tools like Knife, chisel and gauge the masterpiece, the art of work is created.

There are high demand of wood works of Nepal within the country and in international market as well. This wooden carved sculpture is now sold commercially as well and even exported to foreign countries. So, our country needs to do enough research and advertisement of our local woodwork’s products, so that other people of different countries could see how beautiful our work is. The Woodwork of Nepal also need big market to expand its business. We deal with those kinds of products.

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