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Information Technology (IT), Information Communication Technology (ICT) & Internet of Things (IoT)

Information Technology (IT): We deal with IT (Information Technology), where we sales, support and gives services anything related to computing technology. It could be managing computers, Computer networks and other technical areas of their business as per their needs. It might be application, software and web development. We deal with all the technical issues related with IT and IT based administrative works and many other occupations works. As we all live in “information age”, it has become day to day live no matter where we are it might be in rural areas or urban area. IT has been highly used and will be here in this world even in future.

Information Communication Technology (ICT): We deal with ICT (Information Communication Technology), that is used to handle communications processes such as telecommunications, broadcast media, intelligent building management systems, audiovisual processing and transmission systems, and network-based control and monitoring functions.

We deal with ICT often used to describe the convergence of several technologies, and the use of common transmission lines carrying very diverse data and communication types and formats. In a very simplified sense, ICT is used to talk about all of the technologies that facilitate communications. With that in mind, the term ICT has had several differing definitions applied to it. It's generally associated with consolidating and managing telecom infrastructure and converging technologies that have common transmission lines. In some cases, ICT is also associated with delivering telecommunication services to underserved areas, or promoting more vibrant telecommunications and IT networks and services to facilitate career development.

We design and deal with various ideas on using Information and Communication Technology (ICT) in education as to make the education mode of education that use information and communications technology to support, enhance, and optimize the delivery of information.

Internet of Things (IoT)We deal with IoT (Internet of Things), which means we try to integrates everyday “things” with the internet as to make our daily life easier. Our company has many plans to work on IoT as to develop the project to make our liver easier. It could be in various field like agriculture, automobiles, business, climate monitor, natural disaster, wild life conservation and many project with the help of embedded system and application. We give services, consultation, development on sales and support on needed materials as per client needs.

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