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Now a days the corporate office or any company has been realizing that old stereotypical corporate office often been portrayed as a dingy, stuffy and they start realizing that it drains the creativity and prevent the collaboration. People are moving with new concept and thought, where they start realizing that to get best from the employee there must be proper environment. Environment directly influence employee satisfaction, creativity and productivity. This type of trend has momentum since late 90s, with many tech companies being innovators not only focused on their products rather they also have been focusing on their workspace design. There are so many offices in the world that they have reputation for building amazing workspaces, along with playground, which has attracted the best employees of the world start joining them.

Day by day this trend has been mini-revolution and has spread to many other industries. People have changed their mind and many large or small company are moving progressively towards open, creative and collaboratives workspaces.

By keeping these minds, we in our company has experience and capabilities design this type offices as per their available spaces, budget and need of our client. We are capable of designing the IT, bank, industries office, any store, corporate office and many more. It could be interior, flooring or furnishing, exterior anything depending our customers’ needs and vision.

While designing it we keep these in mind (open plan, hot desking, common spaces, functionals building and sustainable)

Open Plan: We all know that human are social animals and want to be interacted with one another to get better output. Studies has proved that open plan improves the mood of employees and modern office are designed in such way that it encourages the staff to collaborate, interact for the offices beneficial.

Hot Desking: Open spaces have become more valuable as technologies advances the works are allow to work from anywhere depending their position and need. They are not chained to their desk rather they are open to move on to reduce the office cost and increasing networking opportunities. It depends on organization needs and placement and nature of work what they being assigned.

Common Spaces: Designing the informal areas for ad-hoc meetings and collaboration on larger work which gives community feel to the working space. Working together for any difficult could be achieved easily and increase the productivity.

Functional Building: Any corporate offices which has got building or has rent any big areas they can think of having high standard café, restaurant, libraries, gyms etc. depending their needs. As we all know that when we are happy enough the ideas being generated so there is no issue where and which place ideas being generated it could be in gym restaurant etc. Main things are better result and better ideas to achieved the goal. As far as the idea are coming and fulling the both parties’ employer or employees both are happy!

Sustainable: As we all know that most of the people now days like the greenery and friendly environment and manner, it could for employees or employer. Greenery in the office could be the best way of designing new office project. Sustainable environment and sustainable design should keep in mind while designing it.

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