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Our Products

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Assembled Computer & Branded Computer


Branded Server & Assembled Server, Raid Server

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Computer Peripheral 

Keyword, Mouse, etc,.

PC Components 

Ram, Processor, SSD, HDD, etc,. 

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Enterprise Computer Service

Mass computer servicing, Mass application installation, etc,.

Printing and Equipments

Colour laser printer, Colour inkjet print, Mono laser printer, etc,.

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Networking And Euipments

Routers, Firewalls, Switches, APs, etc,.

Network Storage


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Portable Computing

Laptops & Tablets


Mobile, IP phones, Landline phones, etc,.

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Mobile Accessories

Earphones, Tempered Glass, Power Docks, Cases etc,.

Sounds And Equipment

Mixers, Microphones, Speakers, etc,.

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Power, Lighting And Backup Systems

Inverters, Batteries, Power Sockets, LED lights, solar, etc,.

Power And Data Chords

Data cable, Printer cable, Hdmi cable, Hubs etc,.

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Surveillance System

CCTV, Motion Detection, IR, etc,.

Monitors And Display

LED Monitors, TV, Digital Boards, etc,.

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Embedded System

Arduino, Raspberry Pi, Digital Logic Kit, Library System, etc,.  

Cooling System

A.C, Refrigerators, Server cooling systems, etc,.

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